Internet To Slow Down?
It's exactly what all internet users in the United States feared; the FCC has proposed to lift regulations on internet neutrality. Pretty much, your internet providing can slow down your Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services if those services don't pay the provider a nice fee.
Nomophobia – Most of Us Fear Not Have Our Cellphone
You may have experienced fear or anxiety when you can't find your phone at your home and no is there with you to call it for you - or the dreaded "phone on silent" so you won't hear it ring anyways. These scenarios can cause a lot of stress on someone.
Well you are not alone and you might h…
James Earl Jones Reads a Bieber Song
Most people remember James Earl Jones from either Star Wars but I always think of Bell Atlantic. He's still alive and still has that amazing voice which he used the other day on a talk show to read a random Justin Bieber lyric. This video is rapidly becoming viral!

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