Warning About New Fentanyl Laced Drug in Upstate New York
As if it’s not bad enough with the Fentanyl already...
A pretty common drug recently was found to laced with Fentanyl.  News 10 abc reported a police warning issued about Fentanyl-laced marijuana.  The News 10 abc report said that marijuana laced with Fentanyl was confiscated in a parking lot, and al…
2015 Was A Major Disappointment (VIDEO)
No flying cars, or Black & Decker Hydrator, Lawyers have not been abolished, there has not been a new "Jaws" movie since 1987, the Cubs did not win the World Series, and the Hoverboard is a lie!
Don't believe me?
Just ask Mike Tyson.
Man Poops On Floor (Video)
This man could not leave his machine while gambling at a slot machine arcade, so he poops in the corner then goes back to playing the slot machine, he may not of had any toilet paper, but he did have a hot hand.
Spring Storm Watch?
This is no April Fools joke.  Just when we thought we were moving onto better weather Mother Nature has decided to throw us a bit of a curve ball.
Tornado Watch in Washington D.C.
Albany and the surrounding areas are getting pounded with rain right now. I hate the rain just as much as the snow, but at this point I would prefer the rain.
On the brighter side for us New Yorkers, The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for Washington D...

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