Shopping this holiday season is going to be different no matter how you look at it. Black Friday crowds with people fighting over deals, camping out in front of stores and people pack into malls will not be commonplace this season.

Retailers are expecting way more online shopping than in years past due to the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart already announced that they will roll out some of their biggest holiday deals online throughout the holiday season to try to cut down on crowds.

Today Target announced their plans for shopping during the holiday season. They are encouraging people to shop early and online if they can. If you do shop inperson at Target you'll notice a few differences. One you'll have to make an appointment to shop during peak hours. The Target app will let you know if there's a line waiting to get in and then text you when it's your turn to get inside to shop.

Also Target is rolling out the Wallet. It's a mobile shopping payment system that will allow Target employees to "check out" customers basically anywhere in the store. They hop that will cut down on lines at the registers.

According to Target's press release, “To ensure guests have enough space to shop safely and comfortably, Target continues to monitor and, when needed, limit the total number of people inside stores at one time, this holiday, guests can visit to see if there is a line outside their local store, and if so, can reserve a spot in line.”

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