A teacher in Florida is in hot water for making her student reach into some of his own hot water.  Jennifer King Forshey, a teacher in Coral Springs, FL has been arrested after punishing a 10-year-old student for messing around in the bathroom. Forshey is being accused of making the child remove wads of paper that had been stuffed into a urinal that was filled with, well the “pee pee”. The biggest issue people took from this is was Forshey allegedly forced the student to do this without gloves.

“During questioning, Forshey admitted to telling the student to "clean the paper towels out" of the urinal without providing him anything to prevent contact with the urine. She told police she saw nothing wrong with what she had done until she was arrested.” - sun-sentinel

I don’t understand why this woman was arrested. Sure she ordered this 10-year-old to reach into a pot of some one else’s used milk and juice, but is that so bad? I mean if I know 10-year-olds like I think I know 10-year-olds that kid was eventually going to reach into a pool of urine one day or another on his own regard. I’m 27 and still find myself often covered in someone else’s Gatorade. It’s nothing I choose to have happen. This is just one of those un for scene problems in life.