Yesterday, one of the Internet's most popular websites, went public on the stock market and joined many other tech and dot coms with a very big net value associated with it. Pandora Radio watched it's stock trade at around $20 at it's height during the day, making it worth $3 Billion dollars.

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Not bad for a company that hasn't made a profit to date. Like many "Dot Com" start ups that are popular, they have yet to make any money from their online product. Twitter is another amazingly popular company, but doesn't make a profit from it's service. This is leading many to believe that another "bubble" is forming in the online world.

The last bubble took out many companies including, who's socket puppet commercials I really loved, and who took on the toy biz and lost. So, with Pandora raking in cash from stock offerings, but not making a dime of profit, will this lead to other companies doing the same, and making another bubble?

Sadly, I felt a little of that bubble burst in a previous job. It took me a year to recover from it. But if another one is coming around, now may be a good time to get what you can and then get out. Otherwise, it could be messy again. All this is my own personal opinion, but hey, I'm ready to be shown wrong.

But if you like to dabble in the stock market, don't let me stop you from looking at Pandora. I love their website, but not sure how else they can make some money. But if you have an idea on how they can do it, get a a hold of them. They may just make you the next tech billionaire.


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