Heated seat, feet warmer and ambient lighting are just a few of the features of this new toilet called the Numi from Kohler. You can feel like the #1 Geek while you do your #2.


I don't usually post potty humor, but I had to after seeing this. The Numi's list of features are pretty amazing.

Built in speakers for playing your MP3s, detachable remote control, feet warmer, bidet and air dryer, deodorizer and a slew more.

And even though this is just a toilet, it's impressive. David Kohler, COO of the company talked with USA Today about this new product and admitted it's a luxury item. He went on to say it's for "consumers who want the best -- they want the latest in design and technology (and) want a fashion statement in their home."

David also notes that the "luxury toilet" market is on the upswing again, and still going strong in other parts of the world. The Numi will cost you a little over $6 thousand dollars. And for the features of this high tech throne, I can see why! One reporter from Gizmodo tried out the Numi and claimed it to be a life changing experience. I'm sure if I got the chance I would say it was "moving." (Pun intended)


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