I’m completely bias on this video but I will give credit where credit is do. This 14 year old chick can play her some guitar. I say I’m bias for two reason, one, I’m not the biggest fan of Van Halen and two, I hate teenage girls. Both I find to be very annoying. However this young lady seems to have a solid handle on things. She can play the hell out of her guitar and by the looks of this video she knows enough to keep her yapper shut. You kids these days are getting more and more talented at a younger age. Just look at that little chick Justin Bieber. Hell, she was discovered at what like 15? It must be the extra hormones and steroids we are pumping into our water supply from all the hydro fracking. “No fracking way”? I say “yes fracking way” if a new younger more talented America is what it beings.