Richard Patrick was so fed up with his brother's actions, he decided to set the house on fire

According to the Columbia, Tenn. police report, 59-year-old Dick said, “I am fed up with him bringing in these drug heads into the house and letting them live there. I can’t have any peace and you all will not do anything about it, so burned that m***** ****** down.”

A neighbor said he saw Patrick throw the lighter into the house that was dowsed in gasoline. "He just did it, just got out of his truck and did it," said the neighbor.

Patrick claimed his brother has been bringing homeless drug addicts into the home, that it has been going on for four years, and he couldn’t live that way anymore.

At first Patrick said nobody was in the home when he set the fire, but he actually told his brother and another woman in the home they had five minutes to get out.

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