Here's a throwback for ya!

The Capital Region seems to show up in pop culture every now and again and actually will probably be showing up a whole lot more in the future with all the films that have been shot in the area recently.  While it's cool to see our community on the big screen sometimes the throwbacks on the small screen is a gift that keeps on giving.

Exhibit A.) a friend of mine posted this video the other day. It was a video segment Steve Carell did for Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show with John Stewart' circa 2001 where he went on a quest to find a 'Story' in a randomly selected (via blind dart to a map) town. His dart landed on Mechanicville NY and lets just say I don't think he quite found the 'Story' he was looking for ... or did he?

Although this was my first time seeing the segment this is definitely one you will chuckle at every couple of years when it pops up on your feed! Enjoy.


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