In December of 2012 a man named Dan from Latham, NY in America saved Christmas when the Devil challenged him to a 'Twas the Night before Christmas Duel.'

Dan America was watching A Christmas Story for the 81st time in the month of December in 2012 when the ghost of Uncle Sam arrived to charge Dan America with an American Crusade to re-write 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' for America.

Dan America had nothing better to do, he began the thought process by walking around the backyard of his parents home in Latham, although the backyard is fenced in Dan noticed a helpless senior citizen who had somehow wandered in.

When Dan America approached the woman she transformed into the Devil and the rest is history.

History that only 108 people seem to know about because the Youtube video only has 108 views.

Dan America does not mind that no one knows how he saved Christmas for America and he told me not to write this blog about how he saved Christmas for America in 2012, but now that I have written this blog, perhaps Dan America will get the respect he deserves.

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