I LOVE music festivals. And arena shows. And club shows- well. basically live music of any kind.  Especially if it’s rock.  But as festival season is upon us (and I seriously can’t wait for some that I’ll be attending), I can’t help but think of some of the worst things to deal with at a festival.  It’s not all live music and happiness.  Some of the struggle is real.  So here’s a couple of the worst things I’ve encountered at festivals.  If your struggles didn’t make the list, leave a comment and let me know what they are!

  • 1

    Port-a-Potty filth

    It’s one thing to have to use a Port-a-Potty.  AFTER waiting on a tremendous line, after walking across the outdoor festival venue to get to said tremendous line.  But when you finally get in to the Port-a-Potty after holding in your urine for about an hour in line to find filth, stink, and possibly no toilet paper- the WORST!

  • 2

    Food Line Starvation

    The music goes on and on, all day and all night.  How great! Except when you realize you haven’t eaten in 7 hours.  Then you hop on the food line for one of a few vendors on site, to grab a burger or sausage (I feel like there’s always sausage vendors at festivals), only to wait forever feeling starved to just be able to order, to then wait for your food.  All while you smell everything cooking and become more and more aware of your hunger pains and how long it’s been since you’ve eaten.  Ugh.

  • 3

    The Balancing Act

    Tons of bands, multiple stages, lots of music!  Always a great thing!  EXCEPT when bands you reeeeeeally want to see play back to back on different stages, or even simultaneously.  Then you’re forced to sacrifice part of one set for the other and it just seems tragic.  The worst.

  • 4


    I’m sorry but I am not all about rocking and rolling in the pouring rain.  Some people are- and to each their own.  I’ll see a show with a little rain or drizzle here and there.  But a festival in torrential rain, while you slip everywhere in the mud and your feet practically get trench foot? Well, there’s really only a few select bands I’d make that sacrifice for.

  • 5

    The End

    The worst part of any musical festival?  The end.  After a couple days of musical magic, an escape from reality, a little struggle with food, bathrooms, and maybe weather, it all has to come to an end.  Reality calls. It’s just so sad....Until the next show!