Forget plain old New York Cheesecake the cheesecake in Albany is where it's at.

If you are a lover of delectable deserts, more specifically cheesecake, and are in the mood of the best of the best in New York State I feel that you should know that you are not going to find it at a national chain and you definitely don't have to make the trek to New York City get your fix.

In fact according to Delish, who analyzed some data from Yelp by using the number of reviews each cheesecake shop in the state received as well as how highly rated those reviews were, the BEST cheesecake in New York State comes from right here in the Capital Region!

Where can you find the best cheesecake you might ask? Cheesecake Machismo in Albany. You can actually order their delicious cakes from a variety of restaurants around the Capital Region or you can visit their small storefront at 293 Hamilton Street in Albany.

What's super cool about this spot is that not only are their cheesecakes amazing but the whole place is run by it's two owners who make the cakes themselves from scratch everyday. It's no secret to locals how great these cakes are because they literally sell out every day. Local restaurants come in the morning to pick up cakes for their menu and then the couple sell whatever is left over for the day from their shop.

A word of warning though they generally close up shop as soon as they sell out. I lived 2 blocks up from the shop for a couple of years and unless you happened upon the shop at just the right time it was hard to find it open. Cheesecake Machismo is scheduled to be open from noon to 8 p.m. on Tuesday through Friday and from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday. If you catch them open you can grab yourself a slice for $6 that comes with a complimentary drink or if you are really lucky you can get a 12-slice assorted cake for $50.


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