It's a huge football day today, with the Patriots going up against the Eagles!  This is a day I look forward to each year.  Not because of the football, but because of the food!  I love any reason to have snacks with an event.  I love food.  And I love Super Bowl snacks!  Last year, I wrote about a venture making Doritos crusted, cheese-stuffed chicken (which came out ridiculously good).  This year, we asked what your favorite Super Bowl snacks were.  From there, here's the Top 5 that I came up with:

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    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    We got a lot of responses saying buffalo chicken dip was the best snack for the Super Bowl.  I couldn't agree more!  What is a football game without buffalo chicken dip!  And maybe some heartburn to go with it.  So I'm also highlighting this suggestion:

    "Tums and Rolaids"- Ray S.  Ray, smart thinking!

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    Beer (and wings)

    So many of you responded beer.  Beer isn't actually a snack! It's a drink!! But so many of you responded beer that I had to throw it in here.  However, I did see:

    "beer and beer and a few wings and beer..."  so I'll include wings in this.  Because wings are THE snack of the Super Bowl, and yes, they do go well with beer.  And they are amazing.

    [Also, football season may be over after today but you can still enjoy even more beer at the Saratoga Beer Summit!]


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    Pulled Pork Nachos

    These are my personal favorite, so I'm throwing them in here.  Really, nachos of ANY kind are great with sporting events.  Nachos with queso, BBQ chicken nachos, Beef nachos, I love them all.  But pulled pork nachos are like the "cream of the crop" to me for football snacks.  I'll take a huge heaping pile of nachos just for myself!  I also choose to live by the philosophy that if they're all stuck together, it only counts as one chip...

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    Pigs in a Blanket

    I'll take all the pigs in all the blankets! To me, pigs in a blanket are synonymous with football.  I can't recall ever being to someone's house for a big sporting event without there being pigs in a blanket.  Add a little smoky barbeque dip and your mouth will be in pure heaven as you watch guys tackle each other on TV, hoping that your team wins.

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    "Anything that I don't have to cook..."

    "Anything that I don't have to cook.  Visit friends!!!!!"

    Dawn K., kudos because you had the BEST response!  No work and all the enjoyment, yes please!  Plus, we all know free food is the best food.