There are tons of National Holidays you probably aren't aware of. For example, did you know National Pet Day was this week? Although I'm sure your furry little bundle of joy makes every day feel like something worth celebrating, what better way to do so than by getting outdoors in this beautiful spring weather and taking a hike on a trail that's pet friendly?

Jason Gardner via Unsplash
Jason Gardner via Unsplash

The "Do's"...

When it comes time to bring your pet with you on a walk, especially if it's a hike, you should always do your best to ensure maximum safety for you, your pup, and other hikers. According to CDPHP's Johnathan Hall, here are the "do's" you and your pup should follow:

  • Train your dog.
  • Pack for your dog.
  • Plan for breaks.
  • Check local regulations.
  • Protect your dog from the elements.
Wade Austin Ellis via Unsplash
Wade Austin Ellis via Unsplash

...And the "Don'ts"

Hall also listed five things you shouldn't do when out hiking with man's best friend:

  • Overestimate your dog's abilities.
  • Disregard wildlife and plants.
  • Leave your pet's waste behind.
  • Force your dog to continue.
  • Assume your dog is always allowed.

Now that you've been given a crash course in hiking safety, here are some trails we think you and your dog might like:

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