The Venice house belonging to "The Dude" in that movie where the guy bowls a lot and buys milk with checks is up for sale.  Anyone with $2.3 million laying around might be interested.

In 1998, the Coen brothers created a masterpiece of cinema that is still cherished even today.  "The Big Lebowski" tells the story of the one and only dude who finds himself in over his head when a case of mistaken identity leaves him scrambling to get his hilariously sad life back on track...and a new rug.  Why can't people just let him bowl?!

The real-life house used to portray Lebowski's home in the film is now up for sale in Venice, CA.  It's been remodeled since the movie came out and now contains six one-bedroom bungalows on over 10,000 square feet of land.  It's quite an impressive step up from the cluttered, rugless abode featured in the film.  The asking price is listed just shy of a cool $2.3 million.  It's not all just about owning a little piece of the movies, however; it's also all about location.  It seems this one is nestled in quite a hip, swanky neighborhood - German thugs not included.