The Big Game! Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday and the question on everybody's mind is: "Are the commercials going to be better then last year?"

I was not impressed with last year's Super Bowl commercials, but I am not very easy to please. I only like things that I couldn't have thought of myself, and I have a very good imagination.

I know one Super Bowl commercial that is going to be awesome this year.

Last year I did not like any of the Super Bowl commercials, so I started making up my own commercials in my head. Then again, it may have been the chicken wings that I ate.

The wings were very spicy, and when I asked what was in the sauce, my good friend Kirpaul told me "The Spirit of Buffalo."

The Spirit of Buffalo is very hot, unlike the Buffalo Sabers and the Bills.

This is not a shot at Buffalo, but boy I love losing Super Bowls.

I am pretty sure that I tackled this topic last year around this time, I also asked you all to send us pics of your Super Bowl feast, but no one did.

Last year I pointed out that the purpose of the Super Bowl commercials is to entertain the non-football fans in the room. I am pretty sure that the halftime show is supposed to serve the same purpose. I am a football fan, so now whenever I hear Beyonce, I feel like I have to poop.