Tom Hanks is a world famous actor with a long list of legendary performances in movies such as 'Forrest Gump', 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Castaway', 'Philadelphia' and so many more. He has won countless Academy, Tony and Emmy awards as an actor and producer. Hanks is Hollywood royalty.

So, what on earth would be the connection between Tom Hanks and one of the smallest towns in the Capital Region? Typewriters!

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In 2016 Tom Hanks starred in a documentary about typewriters called California Typewriter. Around the same time Hanks released a book of short stories titled Uncommon Type. Scott Connors, owner of Stephentown Typewriter Company, was so impressed he felt compelled to type Hanks a letter stating:

Dear Tom, if there's a patron saint of typewriters, you're it. - Scott Connors Penguin Books UK
Penguin Books UK

I couldn't tell you if Connors expected a reply or not but he got one. There it was one day, sitting in his mailbox, a typewritten letter from Tom Hanks.

Stephentown Typewriter Company located at 12 Willow Way in Stephentown, NY, now has the letter framed and on display. I would do the same as this is more than a souvenir. This is a museum worthy correspondence from the one and only Tom Hanks.

Hanks opens and closes the letter, which is now framed and on display at Stephentown Typewriter Company, with:

Scott - I feel your pain and share your joys. Throw deep - Tom Hanks 

If you ever find yourself in Stephentown, stop by the Typewriter Company, say hello to Scott and maybe you will see the letter.

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