While on one of our daytrips, my girlfriend and I passed a road sign for the Rensselaer County town of Stephentown, New York. The sign reads, Welcome to the only Stephentown on earth! Is that possible? How could this be the only Stephentown on earth?

I had to do some research.

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Hold up New York, we might not have the ONLY Stephentown on earth. If that is the case the road signs in town would have to come down. The town would have to come up with a new slogan and everything.

While researching the validity of this claim I did find a Stephentown in another country but something doesn't add up. More research needed to be done.

Photo - Lainie Rae
Photo - Lainie Rae

I was able to locate a Stephentown in the Exuma District of the Bahamas. Here's the catch. This town in the Bahamas is referred to as Stephentown but it's actual name is Steventon. Phew, that was close!

It is indeed accurate that Stephentown, New York is the only Stephentown on earth! The town used to be called Jericho Hallow but that's when it belonged to Massachusetts. When New York took over it was renamed Stephentown after Stephen Van Rensselaer.

Photo - Lainie Rae
Photo - Lainie Rae

Every town has their own thing. Troy, NY is the 'Collar City', Schenectady is 'Electric City and, for Stephentown, New York, their thing is being one of a kind, literally the only one on earth. That is pretty cool.

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