From time to time the topic of energy drinks being detrimental comes up. And if they’re dangerous by themselves, then common sense would tell us that they would most certainly be even more risky when mixed with some booze. If you’re curious, then tonight you have an opportunity to find out just how serious this is.

I myself love most of them and have a hard time functioning with my daily diet ‘Rockstar.’ I like the juice ones the best, but I figure if I’m going to take something in that is considered unhealthy, that I will at least cut out the massive amounts of sugar in these damn things. Oh, but when you mix some Jager, Vodka or anything (well, I haven’t tried tequila yet) but most everything seems to taste better with some Red Bull. I accidently mixed with some ginger ale once and it was the best ginger ale I ever had.

Anyway, back to the idea of these energy drinks being dangerous. Tonight Dr. Drew will be discussing the hazardous effects of combining energy drinks and alcohol. I’ve been mixing these 2 things for 10 years and nothing’s happened yet. But it’s good to be informed because really, wouldn’t it be a terrible thing if you died just from trying to have a good time?   Check it out at 9pm on CNN’s Headline News. That’s channel 47, or 1747 for HD on Time Warner.