I don’t like silly hats that are supposed to be taken seriously.

I don’t like runways.

I don’t understand the fashion industry because I never see people wearing what I see on the runway, but I like models.

I like models because they're never disappointing. They all kind of look the same, and they all have the same expression on their face.

Tatiana understands fashion. I have never seen Tatiana wear a silly hat like they do at the Kentucky Derby or The Royal Wedding.

On this episode of The Generation X Files Tatiana and I talk about fashion.

We talk about our fashions, your fashion, their fashion, and some things that have nothing to do with fashion.

At the very end of this episode we play ‘Dress Up’ the twist is that we dress each other, find out what kind of fashion we deck each out in, on The Generation X Files.

You can Google us too but I am not going to provide a link for that.

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