So I want to know your thoughts on this one.

Apparently New York City has something that I never knew existed.  A No Pants subway day.  The Times Union posted about it, with photos, so obviously I had to look right?  I started to wonder why there was a whole day dedicated to wearing no pants on subways around New York City.  Especially in the cold weather.   I mean, sure in the summer I live in a bikini, but winter time?  I'll keep the pants.

Then I read up on the event, which seems to be a comedic and confusing pop culture thing that happens in NYC.  According to Time Out New York, it was started by Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere (can you really take credit though for 'starting' no pants in public.  There's some weird people that just do this generally).

THEN I started to think, what if this was a thing in the Capital District.  Maybe it is even and I don't know?  What would a 'no pants' CDTA day look like, or a 'no pants' public park day.  I know there's nudist events that happen all around New York which we've posted about before, but this one's a little bit different.  So let me know!  Have you done this? What are your thoughts?  Is it weird (I think it's kinda weird)?