Yesterday on the Free Beer & hot Wings Morning Show, the guys swapped stories about the first time they saw boobs. Now it is my turn.

The first time I saw boobs was at the New York State Museum's Mohawk Iroquois exhibit.

Just like many others native to the Capital Region, this is where I saw boobs for the first time. I was 4 or 5, I can't remember exactly how old, but I can remember seeing boobs on the mannequins harvesting corn.

To be honest, my first boobs scared me. When I was a kid, any type of mannequin scared me. I was also afraid of the singing Chuck E. Cheese robots.

Eventually, I overcame my fear of mannequins, because my love for boobs took over. Now that I have reflected on this important time in my life, I think that I have discovered a sure way of overcoming fear for most men:


On a side note, the New York State Museum is also where I saw my first Boobies in the Bird Exhibit.

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