The media keeps giving DJ Supreme and I, issues to debate, yesterday the Great Debaters sat down with this jerk who thought that Cecil the Lion had it coming.  

I don't understand these 'Big Game Hunters' or these 'Exotic Game Hunters' or whatever they want to call themselves.

What is the point of paying thousands of dollars to hunt a wild animal that lives on a different continent then your own?

These animals pose, absolutely no threat to the people that are hunting them, the rich people hunting them have absolutely no use for the animals that they are hunting.

I could understand if a wild animal was threatening your home, or if the animal is threatening someone else's home, but when a wild, dangerous animal is threatening peoples lives in a different country, no one is calling a dentist from Minnesota to take care of it.

These apparent hunters are hunting innocent animals to boost their ego, nothing more to it. They are not hunters, they are just rich, ignorant, self-entitled, spoiled, brats.

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