Recently on the Great Debaters: DJ Supreme and Dan America got together for a little potty talk, surprisingly no one had a potty mouth about this important issue.

I don't go number 2 in public restrooms and I don't know why they call them restrooms, I have never rested in a rest room, I am always too nervous.

This one time my friends tried to get me to overcome my fear of pooping in a public toilet, they found an isolated public restroom at department store in the mall, and while I was hovering they kicked the stall door in on me.

That was over 20 years ago.

I don't like urinals that don't have dividers between the urinals and I refuse to go number 1 in one of those big troff looking things, not because I am insecure, it's because I really don't care and I am worried that someone will be offended by my apathy.

On a side note, I shave my junk with a lady's razor -- this is not just a confession, it's also a tip.

Porta Pottys are gender neutral and you can rent them, but no one seems to care about convenience anymore, except for British people.

In conclusion: There are worse things to happen in a public bathroom than a Transgender person.



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