I was told by the powers above that I am “Not To Do Any April Fools Jokes On Air”. But if I were to do some April fools jokes today, they’d go a little like this.


First I would need to dig into my costume wardrobe and find the best doctors jacket I have. Then after sitting by the police scanner long enough I could follow an ambulance to the Emergency room and execute this brilliantly funny but harmless April fools joke.

To pull of this next prank I might have to spend some time really working on my career path. I figure get an entry level job at a major record label. Maybe I start in the mail room maybe I sleep my way up the corporate ladder. Any way I do it I need to get myself in a big enough position to where I have some stroke to scout talent. Phase two would be to hang out at crappy Indy rock shows and find some solid performers and earn their trust.

This next prank my take some coincidental timing but I’m willing to wait for just the right opportunity. With the right zoo and the right curious kid this may be the perfect prank to pull on a hopeful but forgetful parent.