There was a time when Saturday Morning was the best part of the weekend. There was a time when kids of all ages could sit in front of the television with a bowl of cereal and bond with each other over cartoons.

There are no more Saturday Morning Cartoons. The bad Generation Xers sold their childhood out to streaming services and digital platforms so that Millennials can binge and judge Generation X’s cartoons. Millennials will never know how or why Saturday Morning Cartoons were so special because they don’t have to wait all week to see them, they can just google them and feed their appetite for instant gratification.

Fortunately, there is nothing a Millennial can do or say to ruin Generation X’s beloved cartoons because Millennials were not there for the magic of the legend of Saturday Morning and so they will never know.

And knowing is half the battle…

Turtle Power!

This episode of the Generation X Files is all about the cartoons we love, the cartoons we grew up with, and sexy mice.

Coming soon:

So I married a Millennial…

Say What? (The Slang Episode.)

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