During the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, WWE Superstar The Miz accepted Zakk Wylde’s 2K18 challenge for video game supremacy. After a painful loss, The Miz dropped by the PRS Backstage Artist Lounge and cut a killer promo for our cameras.

After more than a decade with WWE, The Miz has risen to become one of the most valuable members of today’s roster. Despite this, the “must-see” superstar was nearly booed off stage at the Loudwire Awards, which didn’t sit well with him. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to go out in front of hundreds and thousands of people and just have them boo you?” Miz asks. “That is my life every single day.”

Never one to keep his thoughts private, Miz touted his own promo skills while on Loudwire’s mic. “I’m the best there is, was, ever will be,” Miz says. “I guess I just stole that from Bret Hart, but who cares? I’m the greatest talker of all time in WWE and the world. You pass the mic and you start the show.”

The Miz actually praised someone other than himself during the interview, talking up Zakk Wylde’s promo skills. “Zakk Wylde’s the man,” Miz admits. “I love talking to the guy because every time I talk to him, he talks about the Ultimate Warrior.” Miz also had high acclaim for awards show performers Nothing More, whose music The Miz bought while watching them onstage.

Check out our exclusive interview with The Miz above and make sure to catch him every week on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. WWE 2K18 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, so click here to grab a copy.

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