There is another round of stimulus checks that could be headed our way very soon. The House Democrats have a $3 trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus/relief bill that they are scheduled to vote on Friday.  Most people are keenly interested in what this means for them individually in the form of another round of stimulus checks headed their way. Of course, that's a great thing for families in this economic and financial climate, but what else is in the package that helps our individuals, businesses, and state and local government?

Here are what I consider to be the biggest seven funding items in the bill.


These items above are the big seven in the House Democrats virus relief/stimulus package. Obviously there are more items like funding for additional COVID-19 testing and treatment, funding for state and federal highway departments and mass transit hit by a lower volume of riders and fares, and subsidies for laid-off workers to stay on insurance plans or help with COBRA insurance.

All in all, it's a huge monetary shot in the arm this country needs right now. Let's hope it passes on Friday.

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