The NCAA Men's championship is this weekend, the MLB season gets under way tomorrow overseas, Tiger Woods wins for the first time since sleeping with half the population, and the number one thing on ESPN is Sean Payton maybe talking to Bill Parcells about possibly (but not definitely) taking over the Saints for less than a year.   I am a big football fan and read stories everyday about "my" Pittsburgh Steelers. But if the the Celtics or the Sox are on, I don't switch away to find out the latest gossip about the NFL, although these days I don't have to.

Halftime during the NCAA tournament was filled with as much Tim Tebow talk as the 2-3 zone, so much in fact I was going to put a bounty on anyone who hailed the Jets BACKUP quarterback situation as the biggest story of the moment.

Football rules, we all know this, but I can't remember a March where it was the number one sport on TV...and they aren't playing!! Next month is the draft, so the NFL will own April, that's a given. But what about May? The NBA playoffs will be in full swing so the NFL will have to up it's game, perhaps Tom Brady playing the point for an old Celtics team one loss away from being swept by the Heat? Stay tuned!


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