Son in Law is on Netflix and that makes me happy because I am always saying "Ever notice that there are not a lot of Thanksgiving movies?"

I watched Son in Law but I noticed something weird.

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In the movie Son in Law: Rebecca Warner (Carla Gugino) is a wholesome farm girl from South Dakota who goes away to college in California where she is transformed into a female version of Crawl, (Pauly Shore) who is going to be alone on Thanksgiving so Rebecca takes Crawl home with her to South Dakota for Thanksgiving dinner and 90's Pauly Shore shenanigans follow.

What I found to be kind of weird, unexplained and kind of unrealistic is the timetable.

When Rebecca arrives at college she clings to her roots at first but eventually has a breakdown on Halloween, Crawl is sympathetic to her dilemma and takes Rebecca under his wing and transforms her into a cool California girl, who loves to party and she seems like the most popular girl at her dorm after Crawl is done transforming her.

What is wrong with that?

Rebecca has her breakdown on Halloween, then becomes the most popular girl at school by Thanksgiving Break, so it only takes three weeks for Rebecca's Geek to Sheikh transformation?

Then when Rebecca and Crawl go back to South Dakota it takes Crawl less then 48 hours to learn how to become a farmer and less then a week to pull a Geek to Sheikh on Rebecca's entire family.

At first I thought that this was ridiculous, then it occurred to me that Pauly Shore's influence in 1993 was that powerful, not just in Son in Law, in every one of his movies and in all of those silly shows he did on MTV, Pauly Shore made such an impact on American culture in the early 1990's that people still imitate him today.

In conclusion: Pauly Shore is immortal and the actress that played Rebecca, Carla Gugino is so topless in Sin City.