Earlier on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the guys, who have no actual free beer or hot wings, played some audio about a eccentric millionaire who hid $2 Million in New Mexico!


Who wants to go to New Mexico?

Count me in, we are at a slight disadvantage because unlike the movie, we are not starting in Nevada and more then a handful of people know about this.

There may not be Lucy buses, but for some reason there is always the possibility of a Hitler car.

Most Important?

If you go down there looking for treasure, and just happen to get into some trouble. You can not call Saul Goodman, he is a fictional character. The Drug cartels are not, which is something else you want to avoid while looking for treasure in New Mexico.

If you happen to find anything that belongs to a Drug cartel, it is not a treasure, it is a death sentence.

Despite these minor differences from the movie Rat Race, I think that this is a great idea, because this weird millionaire wants people to get up, get out and do things.

Like go to the mountains of New Mexico, where there are snakes and Drug cartels.

Couldn't he of hid the treasure in different state?

Like Oregon.

Why Oregon?


But instead I have to settle for being Breckin Meyer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Seth Green, Jon Lovitz, or Rowan Atkinson?!?!?!