This week, things got pretty ugly between the main voice actors of The Simpsons and production company 20th Century FOX when they asked them to take an almost 50% pay cut.  Now it seems that the beloved animated family will go on, for now.

Earlier this I wrote about how The Simpons were in danger of an abrupt ending due to a forced pay cut.  At some point on Friday, that issue was resolved according to Los Angeles Daily News.   They were stil forced to take a pay cut, but it wasn't as steep as the 45% one that they were being asked to take.

This deal secured the show which is in it's 23rd season will get to a 25th season.  That takes them through 2014, but after that everything is up in the air.  Many of the shows executives would have gladly taken a pay cut to keep the series alive, but in return they wanted some of the monetary share of the syndication and also the merchandising. That was an issue that FOX wouldn't budge on.  FOX continued to argue that the pay cut was justified since the show's ratings had dipped recently.

Harry Shearer, who voices many characters said:

I’m willing to let them cut my salary not just 45 percent but more than 70 percent. All I would ask in return is that I be allowed a small share of the eventual profits.

The Simpsons will air as usual with the new 2 year contracts in place, but after that we will have to wait and see.  Lovers of the show, you might want to start watching as much as you can because in 2 years it could be gone.