A report was just release with the five fastest growing jobs in New York- and a few of them are in locations right around Albany!

News 10 abc released a report on the five fastest growing jobs in New York.  Now, it’s not just the fastest growing jobs for this year.  The report talked about jobs with the most job growth from 2014 through 2024.  From past data and projections, five careers were picked, some that you can get right around Albany!  There’s nothing like job security, so projected growth is good for that.  In terms of the growing jobs?  Well, two were in the gaming/casino field.  Now that’s an option for the Capital Region workforce! ‘Gaming Cage Workers’ made the top 5, where you work to do financial transactions or reconcile daily transactions to balance books.  According to the News 10 abc report, you only need a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify.  A second casino job made the list, with ‘Gaming Managers’ making the list.  Also only needing a high school diploma or equivalent, you’re responsible for helping to coordinate gaming operations and even formulating house rules.  ‘Home Health Aides’ also made the list, of which I feel like there is ALWAYS need for.  Check out the full report here!