I came across a very interesting statistic this morning when scanning through Yahoo Sports and it's astonishing to think about.

In a Yahoo Sports blog it says a pretty interesting statistic about the wrestlers from 1991's Wrestlemania VII.  Over 25% of them are now dead.  Most of them died of some heart related problem, which leads me to believe that they were most definitely using steroids at some point in their career.  A real chilling fact is that almost half of them didn't even make it to the age of 45.


"Macho Man" Randy Savage actually made the oldest at the age of 58 before he passed tragically last week.  The ones who have passed away were some of the bigger names in the sport too.  The Big Boss Man, The British Bulldog, Mr. Perfect, Andre The Giant and The Road Warrior Hawk just to name a few of them.  I hope that it's a long time before we lose anymore of them.

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