As we approach a holiday weekend, it’s important to be prepared for whatever party you may be attending or hosting. There are a lot of cliché foods people feel like they need to bring or eat at a picnic and I am here to help you from making the mistake of bring the wrong ones. This is my list of BBQ dishes that can be left at home.


This is a total let down no matter how you dress it up. Pasta salad may sound like a good idea on paper, but in the long run it does not hold up to the hype. A giant bowl of cold wet noodles is something you bring to a Halloween party to try and trick blindfolded people into sticking their hands in. This dish is a novelty to scare, not a dish to share.


Never in the history of time has a mounting of JELLO ever looked appetizing. It does not matter what you mold this into, it will never scream “eat me." I do not doubt that some of these dishes taste fantastic, but they are visually unappealing. There are very few things in this world that I prefer to jiggle and my food is certainly not one of them.


Wow, potato salad? Thanks for this giant mushy bowl of starch. This chunky paste is sure to hold up just fine in the sun. Potatoes are a unique food and everyone knows there are so few forms in which they are delicious. French fries, mashed hash browns and even baked are just so obvious. The best way to enjoy a potato is to create a dish that looks like something you squeezed out of the pores in the crease between your nostril and cheek.


Having some sort of fiber available is important and who would have thought someone could mess up fruit? Well, let’s be honest. When has a fruit salad really ever been about the good fruits? Never. Any time someone tries to be clever and bring a bowl full of fruit, it's always the melons that steal the show. Honey dew and cantaloupe just hug all the attention and give fruit salad the bad name. Meanwhile strawberry and grape are kicked to the side and overwhelmed by the melons that never even had a shot at saving the salad.