A terrifying way to end a Friday. While most of the Capital Region experienced heavy rain and gusts of winds, Broadalbin actually received a EF-1 Tornado!!

One positive, this could have been a whole hell of a lot worse. In the scheme of things an EF-1 is fairly tame in comparison to an EF-5. However this tornado still packed a punch and caused a lot of havoc in the Broadalbin area. It is said that it had wind gusts of 90 MPH and was 150 feet wide and a quarter of a mile long according to News 10.

Trees were uprooted and thrown high in the air and barns were obliterated but luckily no injuries or fatalities have been reported at this time. This all happened at about 3:50 PM yesterday afternoon. Not the best way to start an Independence Day weekend for some. Did you experience any of the devastation left by the tornado?


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