No more excuses! If your kids, or even your spouse, are notorious for "missing" your call or text there is an app out there that will literally lock down their phone until they respond to you.

Anyone with kids old enough to have a phone (or a significant other that can't be bothered) has heard the age old excuse "Oh, I'm sorry. I missed that call/text) meanwhile they have been posting to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter incessantly since your call.

Despite the fact that their phones are practically permanently fastened to their hand and that others can see that you are online and that the posts are time stamped they still can't take the time to call or text you back.

Well some seriously tech savvy parents have come up with a solution to this problem. An app called ReplyASAP that will freeze everything on the phone until they respond to your message. According to the Mirror the app also makes a lot of noise until the user interacts with the message even if the phone is on silent. This particular app is FREE but you can unlock extra features for a small fee and only available for android users at the moment.

While totally brilliant for those on you plan that ignore your it's not your only phone locking option there is also an all called IgnoreNoMore that has the same premise that also is only available for android users and costs $1.99.

Do you think these apps would encourage your children to respond to your calls and texts?