We've moved past Halloween, and into the month of November, which means the next major holiday circled on the calendar for most people is Thanksgiving.

I've remarked about this before, but for sports fans, it's truly one of the best holidays going. Gathering family and friends together, sharing copious amounts of food and drinks, watching football, and waking up the next day to shop and eat leftovers. It's glorious from beginning to end.

It's the beginning of the month, but Capital Region cooks who will be hosting a Turkey Day celebration are already beginning to prepare their menu, and research their favorite recipes.

Ahead of Thanksgiving 2022, we're taking a look at which recipes are being researched more than others in our area.

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Google Trends Shares Top 10 Capital Region Recipes Being Researched

There are endless Turkey Day favorite recipes that you could add to the menu this year, but before everyone sits down to eat any of them, they have to be cooked first. Some cooks are so experienced, that they can whip up a magnificent dish completely from memory.

The majority of us, however, have to rely on recipes, and with miniature computers in our pockets, we head to the Internet, and look them up online.

The Capital Region is getting ready for Thanksgiving / Unsplash (Pro Church Media)
The Capital Region is getting ready for Thanksgiving / Unsplash (Pro Church Media)

Thanks to Google Trends, we were able to look back at the top Turkey Day recipe searches in the Capital Region, and we compiled a list of the Top 10. To find this data, we narrowed the radius of the search down to the Albany-Troy-Schenectady metropolitan area. We then expanded the time frame to the maximum allowed by Google, 2004 - present.

From there, we searched the term "Thanksgiving Recipe" and examined the Related Topics section, giving us a look at what people in the Capital Region have been searching for on Google during the Thanksgiving season.

Here are the ten most popular Google search topics in the Capital Region related to Turkey Day recipes. Which one is your favorite?

Top Ten Search Results For Capital Region Thanksgiving Recipes

When preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, Capital Region cooks have flocked to Google to find classic Turkey Day recipes. These ten foods were searched for most.

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