I love a good donut! When I was a kid my mom would drive me and my sister an hour away from our hometown just to get donuts from this one particular place. They were that good! Since they have gone out of business I have been on a never ending search for another great donut. That is when I found what I call the "king of donuts", King Bakery Donut Cart!

Roll through village of Cambridge, New York, 30 miles from Schenectady, Sunday morning between 8 and noon and you are likely to find a line of people hoping they arrived early enough to get freshly baked goods from King Bakery Donut Cart!, and the cart is part of what makes these treats so good!

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Glens Falls Living reports that the cart is an antique bread delivery wagon bought from Friehofer’s, so old it still has the shafts for when horses pulled it through the streets of Troy.


Sure you can get a donut at Dunkin but they are more about coffee these days. The King Bakery Donut Cart! is an experience combined with innovative and creative awesomeness. Chocolate Bizmark, Maple Bacon, Italian Cream or the classic glazed donut! For Easter they have the Easter Nest raised donut with green coconut and jelly beans.

There are endless good reviews on Trip Advisor:

The Sunday tradition at our camp is to send someone off to the Donut Cart to buy a fresh selection of goodies from the King Bakery Donut Cart. It starts early and the line can get long! We so love to get treats, including the Bear Claw and scones and other wonderful items.

So, if you didn't know already, you now have a great family destination for donuts. Just one thing has been bothering me while I have been writing this. Why is donut sometimes spelled Doughnut? I'll ponder that while I wait in line in Cambridge.



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