Seriously, what could be better than a natural lazy river?!?

As the weather around the Capital Region starts to warm I have been on a mission to find fun things to do this summer that will get me out of the house and when it gets really hot keep me cool!

I know that we are lucky enough to have an abundance of amazing lakes in the area but my problem with lakes are that I like to float.  I'm not a kid anymore so my days of playing mermaid and Marco Polo (okay maybe not Marco Polo) are pretty much over. But unless you own or rent a boat or know someone with lakefront property you are stuck in these small roped off areas that only let you go waste deep and you are pretty much fighting for space with hordes of screaming children. Nothing against kids but sometimes I like to do adult things ...

However, floating down a natural lazy river that they call the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks sounds right up my ally and it's only a short drive up the Northway!

Ausable Chasm is just a couple hours up the Northway near Lake Champlain and has all kinds of adventures you can go on with some friends or the whole family! You can totally camp out or make a day trip out of it and check out all the cool trails but what really caught my eye is the scenic float and tube rides!  Where you can literally float down the lower chasm on the waters of the Ausable Riverand in a raft or a tube! For just $12 bucks you kind of can't beat that!

You do have to make a little bit of a trek (about a mile) to get to the starting point but once you are there they will provide you with all the safety gear and and you tube and you can just relax and enjoy the view while you float down stream!

I feel like there needs to be a trip in my near future! Who's with me?!?!

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