When it is hot out is there a better way to cool yourself off than with a frozen sweet treat? 

This past weekend was a hot and humid one here in the Capital Region. The problem is that I don't want to spend all my time inside the air conditioning but I also don't want to go outside and sweat my face off.

I don't have a pool so the kids and I usually head to one of the local splash pads in Albany to cool off. Well, they cool off while I sit in the shade. We didn't want to do that and the same old freeze pops at home just weren't going to cut it. So we ventured out.

That's when we decided to try the new Italian Ice place, Penny Lane that is located right across from Crossgates Mall on Western Ave. We are really glad that we did.

While you've been able to get their delicious stuff since 2018, this spot on Alton Road (right behind the Side Door Cafe) is their first shop where you can go 7 days a week to enjoy this New York City treat.

Italian Water Ice


Prior to having Penny Lane the only Italian water ice i had tried was at Rita's in the Baltimore airport. My son and I loved it there so we knew this stuff was going to be good, too.

We tried three different flavors. Blue Razz, Cherry and Rainbow. My daughter of course had to go with rainbow because what 5-year-old is going to turn down something called rainbow?


If you're looking for a nice light refreshing treat that won't make you feel as guilty as ice cream, I totally recommend this one. The texture is exactly what you'd expect it to be when it comes to ice. A little soft and a little crunchy, plus the sweet flavor.

Penny Lane is open 7 days a week and you can see what their hours are via their Facebook page.

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