In the words of someone somewhere, things keep on getting more expensive.

The list of things you can buy for $1 gets smaller and smaller all the time, so let's focus on some things you can do with that dollar burning a hole in your pocket (new pants, more than $1).


  • 1

    Dollar Menu Items

    Most items on a dollar menu, are in fact, $1. Be aware though, tax exists.

    Credit: Justin Sullivan / Staff
  • 2

    Dollar Store Items

    If it costs more than $1, you're allowed to call them liars.

    Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff
  • 3

    Lotto Tickets

    Lotto tickets can cost you $1, but the good ones cost $10.

    Credit: Scott Olson / Staff
  • 4

    20 Seconds Of A Stripper's Attention

    If someone makes it rain, just put your dollar back in your pocket.

  • 5

    A Third Of A Gallon Of Gas

    Give or take some change, thanks Obama.

    Credit: Miguel Villagran / Staff
  • 6

    A Cup Of Chowder At Chowderfest

    The 17th annual Chowderfest will happen in downtown Saratoga on Jan. 31 with over 80 different chowders for you to try and judge for just $1 a cup. Get all the details here.