You know for many men and women, Valentines Day is just another day. Here is a pretty cool way a place with amazing wings is helping it be pretty sweet.

It seems to be a yearly tradition for the restaurant with an orange roof. You know the one that has wooden accents throughout. If you haven't caught on yet as to which restaurant I am referring to, its Hooters. I remember seeing this last year and again this year they are doing a "Shred Your Ex" promotion to get you some wings to help fill the void.

So all you have to do, bring a photo of your ex into Hooters on Valentines Day and shred it to get your self a free order of boneless wings in the sauce of your choice.

Very cool thing. Now, what flavor will you choose? I know I am single and I have a photo of my ex. I will take 10 Daytona wings, please! Check out more here from Thrillist.

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