Some things really just need to be left to professionals, especially when it comes to hair cutting.

Now I will say in the past I had cut my own hair with a set of clippers, but that was just a buzz cut. Still needed help trimming my neck. A few weeks back one of my co-workers Jess told me she could cut my hair, then I saw picture of another co-worker who got a trim from her. Not good.

This is a challenge because many wouldn't let someone without experience cut their hair. Beyond that she didn't want to use the clippers I brought with me. She was just so set on using a set of scissors laying around the office. Even with all that said, she didn't do a horrible job. Then Levack says "I can cut your hair", when he heard me say I actually wanted a shorter cut. The bedlam ensues in the video below in the fourth installment of Q or Dare.

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