This is just what we need, a bunch of fart nosed tattle tails running around blowing the whistle on people who don’t carry coins. While we’re at it, let’s give people the power to write real life fashion police tickets.

A new app is set to launch in Canada that will not only allow people to tell on someone who is parked illegally, but also give them a cut of the profit that comes from the parking ticket. Good, now every blue haired crusty old lady who has zero purpose in life is just going to cruise the streets trying to make an extra buck by ruining someone’s day who just wanted to run into starbucks real quick to grab a cheese danish. What happened on this planet, do we no longer hate the parking officials? Have we all suddenly started to not only love the parking authority but now we want to help them do their jobs? Anyone who downloads and using this app should look into buying real-estate on the moon and getting the hell out of here.