Now THIS is how you get through a hard day of work.

A local farmer out of Sharon Springs, New York is making quite an impact on the internet after a a video he posted to his personal Facebook account went viral over the last couple of weeks.

The video seems relatively tame at first just a farmer cleaning up his barn and tending to his goats at the Permaculture Inn ... but then the music breaks in and he begins to absolutely break it down dancing in the barn! Which is totally how I feel work should be every day. Seriously, I don't know about you but I am way more productive when there are some good tunes blasting (and I can do a little chair dancing) especially when it comes to working or doing household chores.

But I think the part of the video that is really resonating with people is the story that goes along with the farmers killer dance moves. He wasn't just posting to be silly (although apparently this seems to be something he does for his friends on the regular) but to encourage people to get out and move as an alternative to pain medicine. After suffering a terrible back injury many years back he says "Dancing, Yoga, and Meditation" are his only alternative to pain meds and he hopes that the video will "inspire anyone to move in spite of pain" and that it "puts a smile on your face for the New Year."

Mission accomplished sir. Check his video and post below!