I guess we will have to get our "People of Walmart" fix solely through the internet from now on...


I can't decide if online grocery services are a brilliant amenity to have available or if it makes us as humans just completely lazy. On one hand people now days are working longer hours and living busier lives. You know, if your are trying to work a full day and catch a rock show at night it doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of time to hit up the grocery store. And let's be honest eating out every night gets old and expensive after awhile. Then on the other hand, seriously, how busy and how lazy can we be that we can't make time to go to the grocery store to to provide basic nourishment for our selves? I mean it's not like we have to go out foraging in the woods.

Well, if your all for being able to click for your groceries and pick them up with out having to step foot inside a store, the TU is reporting that 3 Walmart locations in the Capital Region (at 279 Troy Road, East Greenbush; 1549 Route 9, Halfmoon; and 200 Dutch Meadows Lane, Glenville) will soon be offering online grocery ordering and pickup. You can order online HERE or through the app on your phone and not only will the service be offered for FREE but it will also cover roughly 30,000 items.

If you plan on trying the new service out use the code WOWFRESH on your first order of $50 or more and Walmart will hook you up with $10 off!


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