DirecTV subscribers might not be able to see the Weather Channel anymore and it is pandemonium for 72-year-olds all over the Capital Region! How on earth will people know the weather conditions if there is not mystical weather channel to tell them? The Times Union recently reported

“DirecTV and the Weather Channel are trying to negotiate a new carriage deal before their current one expires Tuesday.
Approximately 61,000 local customers get DirecTV” –TU

The Weather Channel can go the way of the dodo and the wristwatch for all I care. Why do we need a cable channel dedicated to telling us what the Internet already does?

“What’s the weather look like?” This is a question that can be answered by your, computer, smart phone, tablet or if you have the privilege of owning one, a window! The only thing the Weather Channel provided was a way for elderly women to annoy their children who lived in other parts of the country. “I saw on the TV that you’re suppose to get 3 inches of snow, you should wear that new scarf I knitted you.”