Finally a little pay back for all of those "convince" fees...

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Ticketmaster has a reputation for being the bane of concert goers existence for quite some time now. Sure its "convenient" to be able to secure your concert tickets from the comfort of your couch or as soon as they go on sale from wherever you might be at the moment, and look I know I'm not alone in being totally willing to pay a couple of extra bucks to do that, but when a couple of extra bucks become something like $16 a ticket plus an added "order processing fee" followed by some excessive shipping fee things start to get really expensive and quite ridiculous if you ask me.

These practices have kind of set the bar for ticket prices everywhere. I mean even if you walk to the box office of the venue the show is being held at to buy tickets, well ahead of the show, the venues even add an extra $3-$5 to the ticket price.

Recently a lot of bands and fans have been banding together to try to make tickets more accessible without all the crazy fee's. One fan even went as far as to stand up for all of us and start a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster for charging us "unfair and excessive fees". The lawsuit was actually filed in 2003 and it has taken 13 years ... 13 YEARS ... for the case to be settled.

As a result according to Live For Live Music:

Anyone who ordered tickets between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013, you may be entitled to discounts on future ticket purchases through the ticket service. Email notifications have been going out to all members of the class action suit, starting on April 25th and running through June 18th, though most will be going out towards the end of that period. The emails will include a ticket discount code that can be applied to future purchases.

If a certain threshold ($10.5 million) is not used within one year, then Ticketmaster will also be forced to start offering limited free tickets to class action members for events hosted at Live Nation venues.

To read the full details of the lawsuit you can click HERE.