Q103 wants to interject a little comedy in your life by hooking you up with tickets to see comedian Jim Breuer!

On November 16th Q103 is excited to welcome comedian Jim Breuer back to the Capital Region! He's been in town a few times over the last couple of years in a few different capacities. Like with his band The Loud and Rowdy and or hosting the open ceremonies before a major rock band takes the stage.


Well next month he is bringing his stand up show back to town! The show is happening Friday, November 16th at The Egg in Albany. Tickets for the show are on sale and available now you can grab yours for $29.50-$39.50 from www.theegg.org or at The Egg Box Office.

However, if you would like to get into the show in the Q make sure your are rocking on the job all this week! Tune it in between 10am and 3pm and keep an ear out for the Que to call in. When you hear it call into 518-476-1039 and the Q could be hooking you up with a pir of tickets to the show!

Good Luck!

jim breuer flyer